The road

"The road that may not be taken,
I stood long in the beginning.
My body turned away,
but my heart stays.
Until Allah enlighten my life,
by sending you for me"

sometimes my heart say something so much
that my brain could not even caught it.
when i am about to write them,
to quote the words of my heart
i become a total clueless.
like right now.

dear you; myself.

i'm not sure whether i ought to say this,
i'm not even sure what's the best for you
which path may direct you and bring the prosperity
in your life.

however, i can be certain in one thing:
have faith in Allah.
remember that decision is Allah's right.
it would never be yours.
and Allah's decision is always the best.

Allah knows every inches of your heart.
He know your Dreams, fear, Hope, worries
as well as your Love and Aspirations.

From the bottom of your heart,
Speak to Allah.
Ask him until you reach the point of calmness, determination, confidence and strength.


i have given up my dreams, once.
i know that was one of my worsts part of my life
i lost myself
i forgot how to live up my life

everyone meant to be different from another
so do their forms of Dreams, Success, Happiness and Satisfaction
look into yourself and find out what and who you are?


Today, i expressed my gratitude for what Allah has given me.
For the love and support i gained from my loves ones
it made myself complete, inside out.

Allah sent me 'you'.
You swept off the calamity out from my life
bring shine of courage and strength 
to continue my longevity
which i feel so grateful and thankful.
your presence shaped up my life.

i wish,
Allah grants me you
whom the source of light of my life
the best that we could achieve.
Allah decide.



Dia punya tawa.
aku juga.

Dia punya senyum,
aku juga.

Dia punya bahgia.
aku juga.

Aku tidak perlu cemburu dan dengki untuk meraih bahagia
Semudah itu hidupku
Apa aku ada,
Inilah bahagia.



A husband, a partner, and a best friend.


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